Amber trivia

Amber has a magical aura

Amber has always fascinated mankind and amber is said to have magical powers. Therefor amber is still used by many mothers in form of baby necklaces to help their babies while teething. Amber and especially amber jewellery is used against asthma and rheumatism. In this case the amber or the amber jewellery must be worn directly on the skin and should not be removed during the night.

If the amber should lose its effect, then just lay your amber or your amber jewellery directly in the sunshine for a day. The amber will recharge itself with the positiv energy and can reemit it once again.

Amber is magical; besides the individual colouring that differs in each amber, one has the feeling of holding a piece of history in ones hand. Simply roam around on our pages and let the spark of fascination of amber take you in.

Infos about amber

Amber can be found on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is called baltic amber. Amber is fossil tree resin and usually encloses animal or plant inclusions. Only few amber searchers have the luck to find a clear piece of amber at the beach with a captured fly, mosquito, spider or mite. For, even where amber is found often, an inclusion that can be seen with the bare eye is rare. These enclosures, also called inclusions, are without doubt, the most interesting that the gold of the Baltic Sea has to offer. While seeing the inclusions with a magnifying glass or the microscope it is hard to believe they are the same age as the amber itself - 35 to 50 million years old!

Owners of a microscope can truly take a breathtaking trip through time and see the inclusions captured in a glass coffin in its most beautiful form.

Availability of amber

The natural amber reserves are low. Fake amber jewellery is already being sold on the market. It can not be distinguished from the look, weight or smell from the real amber.

The newest fake amber is made of a mixture of artificial resin and real amber dust that are finished perfectly and are nearly identical to natural amber.

Therefor my suggestion: Avoid cheap offers. Real amber has its price and will most probably keep rising. This lays in the nature of things; the less available a raw material, the higher the price.

So, if you want real amber, trust us! You will receive a certificate of authencity which will give you the security of holding a real piece of history in your hands.Wenn Sie also Wert auf echten Bernstein legen, dann vertrauen sie uns!  

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