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About us

Hello and welcome to my online shop!

We have been online with our shop: since 2003.

As we decided to design our shop customer-friendly, we did not just change the complete online shop but, since June 1st 2006, also changed our webname to

Here some information about me:

My name is Laima. I am originally from Lithuania and have been brought up with amber, so to say. In the beginning amber was just a normal stone to me. But as I started to gather information about amber my enthusiasm for this gold of the Baltic Sea grew. Today I am really fascinated by amber, which is like an open window into the past of our history. Of course I have always worn amber jewellery and was asked by friends if I could bring some back for them from my next holiday at the Baltic Sea. As I was asked more and more often I decided to open an online amber shop in 2003. From only a small variety in the beginning I could widen the variety bit by bit.

Today we have a selection that does not leave open any wishes and there really is something here for everybody. Surely you will also find somthing for yourself!

Let yourself be amazed by our pieces and convinced by our excellent service!

- You will love us -

sunny greetings

Laima Dröse


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